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Finding beauty in nature and in our backyard

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Daniel Nurgitz was found by a family of Northern stink badgers and was raised in the wilds of Richmond Hill, Ontario. Since this vast wooded locale was known as being "too far to visit" by Torontonians and "just north of Toronto" by actual residents of Richmond Hill, Daniel grew up in relative seclusion. With only his brothers and sister for company, Daniel often explored the wooded ravines and gentle, rolling farmland that surrounded him.

It was not until developers came, bulldozed everything and turned all of the Richmond Hill wilderness into one huge subdivision that Daniel realized he wasn't a stink badger after all and that he needed to make useful contributions to society. That is, he had to get a job.

Lacking sea legs and the need to see the world, Daniel did not join the navy, but instead signed himself up for schooling at Ryerson (Polytechnic) University. There, he was told, if he could survive a program called Graphic Communications Management, he would be given a Bachelor of Technology Degree and a shiny new job.

And survive he did. His job was new but not so shiny. But that was the way of the world. Daniel found himself transitioning from one job to another, learning a wider variety of skills as he went.

These roles included being a print coordinator, graphic artist, advertising and marketing manager, photographer, packaging designer, web designer and product developer.

Eventually, Daniel realized that he missed his adventures in the wilderness and that maybe there still was a bit of stink badger left in him after all. So, armed with a camera, Daniel set off to find whatever remaining wilderness there was in Richmond Hill, in Toronto and wherever, to show the world what wonders they were missing. That's what this website is all about--mostly.

Daniel spends many Sundays exploring out-of-the-way, but not far away places and has self-published two photography books: The Snail Races and Remember Nature.


For more information about Daniel's photography, graphics or other projects, please send him an e-mail:

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